In Russia, ‘Stolovaya’ roughly translates to ‘dining room’. It is usually followed by a number (ie: Stolovaya #5) designating which Stolovaya it is. These are usually set up in a similar manner. There is a counter where you order your food from workers behind the buffet, a cashier, and tables where you take your tray to eat. There are many foods available from salads to meats to baking and fruit.

Although we cannot offer the same variety or tables and chairs, we try to offer a selection of Russian foods that we believe to be of mass appeal. Our recipes are Russian and when possible, we use the same ingredients you would find at a Russian Stolovaya.

We change the offerings from time to time depending on availability and the season. is our own website and we are also on Facebook.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we are striving to improve ourselves and provide an authentic taste experience for a reasonable price.

We hope you enjoy our food and return with your friends and family!


Home of traditional Russian Food!